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The Everett Recovery Café on California Street Reduces Relapse by Revolutionizing Recovery

By August 7, 2023March 11th, 2024Insurance

Mosaic Insurance Alliance helps the Café’s mission by donating $400

“A community of healing to empower long-term transformation through human connection” does not happen over night. For long-term results, The Everett Recovery Café on California Street has designed a program that anchors its members into an atmosphere with socialization, warm food, housing resources, social services, health amenities, education resources, and employment guidance. Their mission page says it all:

“Our program is designed to help people maintain recovery, reduce relapse, and fulfill potential. The Recovery Café was founded on the belief that every human being is beloved regardless of past trauma, mental and emotional anguish, addictive behaviors, or mistakes made.”

Mosaic Insurance Alliance’s second quarter donation for 2023 will go towards programs at Everett Recovery Café. Their mission revolves around helping recovering addicts get the emotional support and basic human necessities in life that everyone deserves. It is a place to get complementary meals and hygiene products, sit down and relax for a spell, meet inspiring people, learn methods for coping with addiction, and find ways to get back on your feet like many traditional programs do. However, it is also a place to work on your resume in the on-site computer lab, sing karaoke on their little private stage, and participate in seasonal activities like pumpkin painting around Halloween.

What Else “Breaks” Tradition?

Breaking tradition can be a good thing…if “breaking” means that all the good just keeps getting better. For instance:

  • Yes, there are still circle talks and discussions about recovery—like in the weekly book club. However, people also come together to do things other than directly talking about recovery, like movie night or open mic night.
  • Nice décor still exists to make you feel welcome in the building. But, now patients can also make their own art to hang at home with Open Art Studio Wednesdays (the next one is August 2, 2023).
  • Having an atmosphere that encourages being a recovery family has been a thing for many support groups over the decades. Afterall, people get close and bond as they share their hardships and triumphs in their personal lives, and they want to feel at home and comfortable around those they are talking to. The Everett Recovery Café surpasses that tradition—they nurture their recovery family with the items above whilst also celebrating home families by doing things like Christmas toy drives for their clients’ kids.


Receiving Recovery Resources

If you are wondering what recovery looks like, see the images below. If you are wondering what the steps to recovery look like, read the bullet points below.

How Can Your Good Deeds Help Their Needs?

Our $400 donation to the Everett Recovery Café was possible thanks to all of you amazing people and businesses who referred an individual or company for a free insurance quote. Seeing how we can help those you know with their insurance needs, while helping a local nonprofit in the process, always brings huge smiles to our faces. Community is everything, and as our logo says—”Stronger…Together!” We appreciate your referrals, and we truly believe that no good deed goes unnoticed.

If you believe in the Café’s cause, you can continue helping the Café even though Mosaic’s quarterly referral program ended. At the moment, the Café is in need of the items listed below. (You can stay in the loop with current needs on their Facebook page.)

1. Volunteers

  • Kitchen Prep
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Gardening
  • Creative Classes
  • You can see more about volunteering your time here.


2. In-Kind Donations: Your Gifts Go a Long Way

  • Are you a professional contractor or repair person who can help with the building, such as installing new windows or fixing the floors?
  • Are you a pest control specialist?
  • Are you a legal expert or a social worker?
  • Maybe you are an artist who would like to donate some work for auction or décor? Or maybe you have some old art supplies that you are no longer using?
  • Could you be someone who has boardgames ready to donate?
  • Perhaps you are a gardener who has extra vegetables to give away?
  • Are you someone who has extra clothes like jackets that you are ready to part with? Perhaps some blankets too? Before you clean out your closet this upcoming fall, consider donating your warm clothes to the Café.
  • The possibilities are endless!


If you are interested in helping with any of these items, reach out to the Café by phone at 425-258-5630 (extension 1010), email at, or via direct message on their Facebook page. You can also see about more ways to contact them on their website here.


The Café Is Ready to Keep in Touch with You


1. Follow Them on Social Media:


2. Visit Their Website to See…


3. Get an In-Person Tour


4. Also, if you would like to read some testimonials before making your decision to keep in touch, you can read their Google reviews.


While People Struggle, So Do Their Pets

Beck's Place helps the homeless and low income people keep their pets.

For the third quarter of 2023, we’ll be digging a little deeper into helping those in the community who are struggling to get back on their feet.

When people struggle, so do their pets. Beck’s Place removes pet related barriers to human stability. Many people can’t or won’t give up their pet to receive desperate human services. Their pet is often their only source of company and stability. For example, one in five people experiencing homelessness don’t accept shelter because their pets can’t join them. Similarly, 97% of victims of domestic violence with pets say that keeping their pets with them is a factor in whether to seek safe shelter, and ~50% will not seek shelter if they can not take their pet.

Beck’s Place solves this issue by providing a temporary sanctuary for beloved pets—called foster boarding—while their humans get back into a situation where they can care for them again.

Get to Know Beck’s Place

  • Follow them on Facebook.
  • Follow them on Instagram.
  • Apply for fostering services on their website.
  • Attend some local events that they will be going to! Beck’s Place will be a part of the Monroe Fair Days Parade on August 26, 2023. They will also be part of the Belonging Monroe Event (September 9) and Wiggly Walk (September 23) both at Sky River Parkway in Monroe. For their upcoming events calendar, click here


How You Can “Lend a Paw”

  • Learn how to become a foster and other ways you can volunteer your time.
  • Spread safety tips like this post highlights, which includes getting your pet microchipped, knowing where they like to hide in and outside your home so you can find them in case of an emergency, have fire safety precautions in your home, pet-proof your home like you would do to babyproof it, include your pets in your emergency house plans, and get a pet window sticker.
  • Know the facts. Being educated can help you understand situations better and avoid accidents. For example, you probably knew that pets boost mental health because they lower stress and anxiety like this graphic mentions…But, did you know that “71% of mental health patients needing life-saving services declined them because they did not have a temporary home for their pet”? To get more facts, follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and also read their frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Referrals Are Fast, Easy, & Impactful

All it takes is a short phone call or filling out a quick form on our website.

1. If You Would Like to Send Us a Referral…

  • You can call us at 425-320-4280. All you have to do is let us know that you have someone to refer to us and provide their name and contact information.
  • You can email us the name and contact information of the person or business you want to refer.
  • IM’ing is also an option. On the bottom-right of our website, click on the chat bubble to send us an instant message. Again, we’ll just need to know that you want to send a referral, the name of the referral, and their contact information.
  • We also have an easy-to-use simple referral form.
  • Another option is to tell the person or business about us, and then they can reach out to us. All they would have to do to count as a referral would be to let us know that you referred them and get a free personal insurance quote or commercial insurance quote.


2. Are You Wondering Who You Can Refer?

  • Friends
  • Are you in college? Tell your classmates about us!
  • Family members—including the parents of teenage drivers!
  • Neighbors
  • Coworkers
  • Local businesses—we all have some mom-and-pop type shops that we love.
  • We can also help those you know who own a small business, including ones that operate out of their home.


3. But How Do You Convince Them to Talk to Us?

Quotes are free. Also, there is a lot to benefit from an insurance makeover, including a insurance discount assessment. You can also tell them about these perks of working with an independent insurance agent.


4. Also, Don’t Forget to Like Our Pages Now & Interact with Our Beck’s Place Posts!

The more you like, comment, share, and tag friends in our posts, the likelier we are to get referrals, and thus, the more we can donate to Beck’s Place at the end of the program. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, and Yelp.


We Appreciate Any and All Support!

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