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It’s a Classic: Mosaic Insurance Alliance Has Tips for Vintage Auto Mobile Owners

By August 6, 2021March 11th, 2024Insurance, Personal Insurance

Why go with classic car insurance? Mosaic Insurance in Lynnwood, WA has the dets

“Lots of character…”

“Look at her smile! She is happy to be outdoors.”

“Wowzers, check out that old one—she’s a beauty.”

Many sentient phrases were shared amongst Lake Stevens, Washington car enthusiasts earlier this summer during a small classic car show hosted by the Wicked Rides PNW Car Club. our Client Experience & Marketing Manager, Meagan Baron, attended and has more pictures for you in the slideshow below!

Here at Mosaic Insurance Alliance, we know that your car is a member of your family. Mosaic believes wholeheartedly the importance of protecting your family with the right auto coverage, and car insurance is one of our specialties here.

Mosaic knows the ins and outs on what coverage endorsements are good to have for your situation, which car insurance carriers would be the best fit for you, and what auto insurance discounts you can qualify for. Additionally, a good chunk of our clients have classic car insurance, so we are always ready to add a new car each time they expand their fleet, or do a free quote for a completely new client.

Why Go with Classic Car Insurance?

What really is the difference between classic car insurance and ordinary car insurance? Collector car insurance has deeper specifications that help set claim limits and coverage opportunities that fit your vintage vehicle. When cars are collectors, they are set apart in rarity and value. Classic car insurance helps you get the quality you need to protect your assets. Basically, you get what you pay for:

  • You get insurance coverage tailored to your needs. Classic auto insurance is designed specifically to help protect your classic car. Generic car insurance can help protect your vintage car to some extent, but when it comes to a piece of art that is unique and expensive to replace, you want coverage that is stable as possible and has higher payouts if you end up with excessive damage or a theft. Classic car coverage keeps your item in mind, helping achieve specifics needs and perks for your vintage car. For example, if your 1964 fully restored Chevy Impala gets T-boned—even if you are not at fault—the coverage that you would get for a 1990 GEO Metro will most likely not come near to cutting it to cover your loss when you go to call in your spendy claim.
  • There is usually an agree upon value of your car at the start of your insurance policy. If you have an agreed upon value, then if your car suffers a covered loss (i.e., destroyed, damaged beyond economic repair, stolen and never recovered, etc.), your payout is for this agreed-upon value. You would not have to look at the market cash value of your classic car at the time of the claim. You get peace of mind of knowing you’ll get the agreed amount—no surprises.
  • Collector car insurance can help you get coverage for authentic parts. If you need parts replaced due to a covered loss, your classic car policy will often guarantee coverage for necessary and authentic parts that are excluded or surpass the coverage limits of an ordinary car insurance policy.

Please keep in mind that many classic car insurance policies only apply to limited usage—such as low annual miles, or coverage only during things like parades/car shows. Make sure that you get the coverage that best fits your needs by talking to your agent about how you will use and store your car throughout the policy term. After given important pieces of information, your insurance professional can design the best plan for you.

Is My Car a Classic Car?

How old does your car have to be for it to be considered a classic vehicle? According to the Department of Licensing (DOL), in the state of Washington, a vehicle has to be at least 30 years old in order to get collectors plates, and thus be considered a classic vehicle.

Some insurance carriers and/or states have different levels of “classic.” For example, your car might be a classic car if it is more than 20 years old, but less than 40. If more than 40 years, you might have a “vintage car.” Check out the laws or your state on definitions, and what carriers in your area have to say about classification.

If you work with a Mosaic Insurance agent, we do the figuring out for you! Give us a call today for a free quote at 425-320-4280, or email us at

Classic Car Shows Near Me:

More car shows will be happening over the next few months before summer ends and fall really kicks in. Many of them are posted on local community Facebook pages. If you happen to go to any, we would love to hear all about the fun you had! And, if you need insurance for your sweet ride before you go, Mosaic is ready to do a free classic car insurance quote!

Car shows in Snohomish County & nearby counties:

Snohomish County

King County

Skagit County

Mason County

Whatcom County

Find more car shows here—just replace desired location in the search bar (city, county, state, etc.)

Facebook classic car pages that you can follow for more classic car shows, as well as vintage car news, pics, repair help, etc.:

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