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Hockey is for Everyone

By February 23, 2023March 11th, 2024Insurance

You, Me, and The Pacific Northwest with Coach Sal from Emerald City Floorball, LLC.

“I believe that the sport of hockey should be made for everybody in the United States, whether they can afford a pair of ice skates or not. Whether they can skate, or not,” said Coach Salvatore Ippolito. “I think that this should be in every school and Boy’s and Girl’s Club. I think hockey should be an activity that more institutions and schools are offering to kids and families very much like I had growing up. Hockey was something that I played in PE when I was in school 45 years ago. It’s part of the reason that I’m here today, so if I could make the sport available for everybody that would be the dream. That would be the goal.”

A goal that Coach Sal takes to heart, on and off the “ice.” Having worked with him since 2019 for his Emerald City Floorball, LLC. business insurance needs, Mosaic Insurance Alliance Commercial Account Manager, Karen Moehrle, knows that Sal is enthusiastic about sharing his passion for floorball with the youth in our Snohomish County community.

And, Karen is not the only one who sees Coach Sal’s passion for his company and its mission. If you were to email Coach Sal at, you would find in his reply back to you that his emails are all signed with:

Salvatore Ippolito
Emerald City Floorball

“Hockey is for everyone”

“I’ve been a hockey fan all of my life,” began Coach Sal when asked why he owns his own floorball business. “I’ve played competitive ball hockey on Long Island for 18-19 years. I have run in-line programs in Florida. I moved to Seattle back in 2013, knowing that the city would eventually get a hockey club, which it has. I play in a national ball hockey league that was created by friends of mine on the East Coast in New Jersey. I also work for a National Hockey League (NHL) team and have been for 11 years. I am 52 years old. I basically have a lifetime of playing hockey, and all things that are related to sports on the ice. The reason for me doing this is because there is none of this on the West Coast, particularly the Pacific Northwest. I believe hockey is for everyone. I believe kids in today’s day and age need more healthy, fun, safe and affordable activities to play and enjoy. How do you do that? By going grassroots, and floorball is as grassroots as it gets.”

When Coach Sal is not on the ice, he’s enjoying the love for hockey with a stick and ball like many other hockey players before him.

“I did not create the sport for floorball myself,” said Coach Sal. “Floorball is basically a modern form of floor hockey that was invented back in the 70s in a lot of European nations. It has made its way into The United States and Canada over the last 20 years or so. It is a version of hockey that is played off of the ice with a stick and a ball.”

Why Hit the Floor Instead of the Ice?

Is floorball really the same thing as hockey deep down? Is it as exciting? Can adults easily get as excited as kids?

“With floorball, possibility of injury is very low, very much like soccer, basketball, or lacrosse,” explained Coach Sal. “So, it is just a different version of hockey that has different rules that are more geared towards safety, teamwork, and creativity. It has a very low barrier tendency which makes it a very attractive sport to parents in 2023. The mission of my business is to provide kids in the Greater Western Washington area with alternatives to play hockey off the ice without the expense and propensity for injury,” continued Sal. “This sport is a little safer, more affordable, and more inclusive.”

If you were to ask Coach Sal’s fans, he doesn’t drop the ball on inclusiveness and teamwork.

“My 1st grader raves about floorball each week and asks, ‘Is today floorball day?’ EVERY DAY!” said Kelly Drodofsky, Parent Volunteer. “He is really enjoying learning the fundamentals and Coach Sal does a wonderful job not only teaching the kids, but working with them on drills and playing actual games! I am the parent volunteer so I’m getting to witness this and the progress each kid is making every week! It’s really amazing! I keep asking myself how Sal continues to be so patient and kind with 20+ rowdy kids, but I can only assume he is made of something special because he is such a calm, yet fun coach!”

And Kelly is definitely not the only parent who enjoys the fun atmosphere. Coach Sal’s numbers over the years show that 75-80% of his clients keep coming back. He also gets the opportunity to meet new families every week.

Also, the kids are not the only ones having fun and getting “rowdy.”

“I have a friend in New Jersey who started a National Ball Hockey League for adults,” said Coach Sal. “In three years, they went from 37 teams to 70 teams, to 150 teams. And then this year, they have 175 teams across the nation all over the place. I play on the local Seattle team. We’ve actually won the Pacific Northwest Division the last two years. We had the honor to go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to play against all the other regional champions. So, the whole thing of hockey is really taking a quick hold around the country. My goal is to expose it even more to the Pacific Northwest.”

Seeing Coach Sal’s Goal in Action

When asked what his favorite memory as a business owner was, Coach Sal described the bigger picture—what he looks forward to seeing in every game he is a part of: “Seeing the excitement on the kid’s faces when they play and knowing that there’s a bigger picture involved in all of this. That this is a mission that is actually going somewhere.”

Going somewhere, indeed. In addition to parents like Kelly, school employees were more than happy to share their thoughts about Sal with Mosaic and all of you. Click here, or the picture below, to view the short PDF collection of testimonial pictures!


Let’s Play Ball!

“I love that being a business owner gives you the capacity to do what you are truly passionate about,” said Coach Sal. “It gives you the ability to do things the way that you want to do them—the way that you see will work best. It gives me a more flexible schedule to do things like take my daughter to school in the morning. The amount of people that you meet along the journey, too. You’re constantly meeting people every day. Lastly, I just love to hustle. I’m old school. I like to hustle and be out there.”

Join the hustle! Reach out to Sal today about getting a floorball game on your calendar.

“Those that can hire me are schools, clubs like YMCA and The Boy’s and Girl’s Club, and individuals for birthday parties,” said Coach Sal. “Most of my age groups range from kindergarten to 6th grade. Our afterschool program is K-6. We have other programs that are ages 6-9 and 10-13. On average, a session usually lasts 60-75 minutes. Right now, the majority of my work is in Snohomish County, located mostly within the Edmonds school district. But, we are branching out to Mill Creek, Shoreline, and Lake Forest Park as well. Almost all of the programs happen somewhere in the window of 3:30-6:30 PM. We are open to doing weekdays and weekends. Most are on weekdays for clubs and schools after kids get out, but we are open to doing weekends as well.”

Branching out and growing is something that Sal is very interested in doing. So, if you are located in Snohomish County—places like Everett, Lynnwood, Lake Stevens, Arlington, etc.—feel free to ask Coach Sal for his services for your school, sports club, gym, city fair, event, child’s birthday party, and the like. He would love to chat with you!

  • Coach Sal will be able to give you answers on pricing and availability of his calendar via phone (call or text). His number is 425-420-0685.
  • You can also email him at
  • He is also available in direct message on Facebook.
  • You can also see his local events on Facebook here.
  • Also, add these upcoming events to your 2023 calendar:
    1. A play session for kids ages 7-12 at the Snohomish Sports Dome on Saturday March the 4th, 2023, from noon-1:15 pm. You can direct message Coach Sal or RSVP on Facebook here. The address is 511 Maple Ave Snohomish, WA 98290. Cost is $20 per child (pay at the door).
    2. Edmonds’ Health & Fitness Expo in May 2023. (Follow his Facebook for details closer to the event.)
    3. Carnival at Odyssey Elementary School in the Mukilteo School District on June 2, 2023. (Follow his Facebook for details closer to the event.)

Or, see Coach Sal’s sportsmanship for yourself before making a playdate!

Follow his social media accounts to get a better idea of how his services work, and if you like what you see, he’s ready to meet you!


Are You a Business Owner Like Coach Sal?

In Coach Sal’s chat with Mosaic Insurance’s Client Experience and Marketing Manager, Meagan Baron, he shared some business advice that he thinks every sports planner or events planner should take to heart.

“My advice to anybody is that if you are in the business of sports or anything where you plan events, you have to plan your event and your time well in advance,” reflected Coach Sal. “Space is very hard to come by, so if you don’t plan your summer now, and you wait until spring, summer is not available. Same with spring. If you wait until late winter to plan your spring, times don’t become available. The biggest lesson I have learned so far is to plan your events and everything else you have going on well, well, well ahead of time, as parents plan their kid’s activities well in advance.”

Also, Coach Sal made it clear that it is not all about the nitty gritty business work and getting things on the calendar. “I’ve been doing hockey all of my life since I was 10 years old,” continued Coach Sal. “I’ve been doing something like this all of my life after work, so to me if I am doing this 12 hours a day, it doesn’t feel like it. You don’t have time to think. If you really love what you are doing, you are feeling it and not thinking about anything. I think that that is definitely critical in life. Do what you do because you love it, and that’s it.”


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