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Don’t Drive Drowsy

By November 1, 2019June 14th, 2021Insurance

November 3-10: Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

Car insurance is a great invention that helps protect you after the fact. After you get into a car accident, after someone hits your parked vehicle, after someone steals your car, after you are pulled over… Specific coverage depends on your insurance policy, but you get the picture.

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So, yes, auto coverage will be a big help if you were to get into a car accident. And, YES, car insurance is something that you should have, without a doubt. But another important thing that we are getting at is that actions towards avoiding an accident in the first place is extremely important. Mosaic Insurance Alliance wants you to have the auto insurance coverage that you need to protect yourself when you need it and to have information to help you avoid getting into a car accident in the first place.

What can you do to help protect yourself in a vehicle? Ones that typically come to mind are avoid playing on your phone, driving under the influence, speeding, and breaking other driving laws. But drowsy driving is a very significant hazard that should be added to everyone’s no-no list, even though it does not come off as malicious behavior like the others often do.

Drowsy driving has been a big problem in the United States for decades. In the past few years, there has even been some alarm concerning the public safety risk in the ridesharing industry according to multiple academic resources like The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. With yearly statistics that point to a worsening epidemic, many driving laws have been written in the last 15 years revolving around the issue of sleep deprivation behind the wheel.

In the early 2000’s, The National Sleep Foundation decided to dedicate one week every November to help spread awareness and decrease the number of tired drivers. Drowsy Driving Prevention Week will be on November 3-10 this year.

Below are just a handful of statistics gathered by different drowsy driving studies over the past decade:


drowsy driving united states stats

(You can download the PDF here.)


Scary, huh? Well, what do we do about it? Spread awareness and helpful information! Here is an infographic we put together to help you and your loved ones stay safer out on the roads. You can download the PDF here to print, save on your computer/phone, and share with others.


drowsy driving tips

(You can download the PDF here.)

We wish you the best of luck out on the roads each and every day! Now that fall and winter are really making their comeback, it is time to get our cars and homes ready for the wetter, colder, windier, icier weather. (Say that 10 times fast!) Colder seasons can be a little complicated for your house and cars, but not impossible to be prepared for! We are here to help you highlight important life hacks. We already have blogs about weatherproofing and fireproofing your home that you might have missed, and we have some more tip projects in the making! Stay tuned for more future fall and winter tips.

As always, Mosaic is here to help whenever you have any questions! If you would like to hear some information on an insurance-related topic in a future blog post, contact our Marketing Manager, Meagan, at . Our team is always ready to answer any other questions that you might have, whether it be about an insurance quote, claim, or something else. We are never too busy to help our clients get the coverage and information that they want and need!

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