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Since Washington Initiative 502 passed, finding cannabis insurance that works for a business is tough. For growers and store owners, I-502 brings a new industry to the state. From Seattle to Eastern Washington, the challenge is felt. Whether you have a smoke shop or other business, your operation is regulated and therefore requires you to select cannabis insurance that works as hard as you do. The WA LCB has requirements and your business has requirements, so let us help you find protection that makes meeting these requirements easier.

Ensuring your success in the cannabis industry in Washington.

Mosaic Insurance Alliance is a business member of the MJBA and as such we continuously meet with leaders of the recreational marijuana industry and we share coverage options from different insurance companies. This helps you and other business owners know and understand coverage options and it helps you stay protected while you expand. We provide LCB-required coverage (general liability and product liability insurance) and other coverages, and if combining any of these with business insurance is possible, we’ll do it. These coverages include:

  • Marijuana Crops
  • Finished Stock
  • Governmental Action
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Indoor Growing Equipment
  • Outdoor Grow Equipment
  • Business Income
  • Transit / Cargo Coverage
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Commercial Auto / Delivery Vehicle
Marijuana retail insurance.

Marijuana retail insurance, also known as cannabis insurance, in Washington is not new, but the cannabis industry is just taking off. Marijuana stores and retailers are taking all kinds of measures to be successful, including security measures. State-of-the-art equipment and tried-and-true methods are both used, and this is good. Any part of an operation is worth protecting, and each of these parts needs the protection of insurance.

Marijuana grower insurance.

Producers are different from retailers. Single entities like plants are expensive and are of high value. They can make or break a business, more or less. Some plants are grown outside and some are grown indoors. Depending on where these plants are grown, risks are different. Based on these different business models and other risks, the Mosaic Insurance Alliance can determine the right coverages for you. You may need product liability insurance if someone who consumes your product gets sick. You may need other liability coverage if anything goes wrong with your product, whether it’s your fault or not. We’ll make sure you have the coverage you need.

Business income insurance.

If your business gets interrupted for any reason and you can’t grow, harvest, or distribute, you may be out of income and may even see your business go under. We don’t want to see that happen, so we provide comprehensive business income insurance for all marijuana growers, producers, and sellers. Contact us to learn more about this; it’s for your business’ survival!

Marijuana processor or manufacturer insurance.

Whether you process only or perform a series of functions, you face risks. In almost any case, a marijuana business will need general liability and product liability insurance. You can have a $1 million policy to get you off the ground or you can also have a more extensive policy that keeps you secure as your business grows; it’s up to you. The amount of protection you need depends on your daily functions and your expansion level. We will help you determine the coverages that are right for your business.

Helping you buy top-notch cannabis insurance in Washington.

The specialists at Mosaic Insurance Alliance will help you manage risk and will assist you in the purchasing process. Insurance companies are clamoring to get into the Washington cannabis insurance industry. This is one reason among many why you should contact us now and get started. We have a jump on all of the other insurance companies and as a result, can provide the best products and services.

We will find something unique and will give you a solution that meets your needs exactly. Don’t waste a minute; contact us today. We’ll get your business off the ground and we’ll minimize your costs to the best of our ability. You’ll be LCB-compliant and free to expand your businesses as you see fit.

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