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Winter Driving Safety Tips

By February 3, 2014June 14th, 2021Insurance

Many times, especially during winter seasons, road traffic accidents become frequent news. No matter how good the road conditions are and how well maintained and alert the traffic authorities are, vehicles are prone to get damaged in one way or the other during winter.

Especially in Seattle (home of the Champion Seahawks) where temperatures can dip below 32 degrees and where fog and ice may cover most of the landscape, winter driving poses as an even bigger threat. Driving in such harsh conditions is danger to your health and to the car as well.

So if you are planning to travel during the winter…we all have to, it is very important that you follow these instructions to keep you and your car safe, as well as other drivers on the road. Winter is when most car accidents take place. Be a little extra careful to avoid using your Seattle car insurance.

Winter Car Car:

Your car should be fully checked and serviced before going out anywhere. From the headlights to the taillights, from the engine to the brakes, from the windshield wipers to the fluid levels, from the exhaust system to the heating/cooling system, your car should be fully scanned for any small anomaly is amplified in winter and can result into a big accident afterwards. So, don’t take any risks.

Also, heat your car before going for a winter drive and always inform someone about your estimated time of arrival. Never let your fuel level drop below a 1/4 of a tank.  Running out of gas is bad enough when it’s warm, but when it’s freezing, it’s a whole different story. While winter driving, make sure that your tires are good-to-go for driving in icy or snowy conditions. Do you still have tread or do your tires look like beach tires on a dune buggy? Best tires for such weather are Radial Tires. There are tires designed for more ice or for more snow. The right tire for you depends on the conditions you’ll be in most. Check and equalize the pressure in all the tires as the pressure falls 1 psi for every 12 degree drop in temperature.

Now that you have serviced your car and checked, examined and corrected every fault, the next step is how to drive during the winter.

What To Do When Driving:

Always plan your outings depending on the current weather conditions and forecasts. While winter driving, always drive slow than you might normally drive. If you take, for example 20 mins to reach a point, then during icy and snowy conditions the time might be doubled or trebled. Also, steer carefully while driving. Jerky turns will be dangerous for you as chances are very high that the car will skid. Always wear warm clothing while winter driving, and if the weather gets harsh then it’s better to get off the road than left stranded on the road.

Now that we have discussed how to be cautious with your car before and during the colder months, let’s not ignore another very basic step while going out in the chilly conditions. That is getting your car insured by a good insurance company. Did you know a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Broker has many options for car insurance? And, best of all, they do all the shopping for you…just like a personal shopper at the mall! Yep, it can be that great!

How will getting your car insured by Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC benefit you? Concerned that the weather conditions might play a role in a future accident, we have companies that will forgive both accidents and tickets. I bet you wish you had that policy after your last auto insurance renewal went up because of the ticket you got or the accident you had. Want to take out your classic car on a gorgeous winter day but you’re unsure if your existing classic car insurance allows you? Accidents in winter can become big payouts. Are you comfortable with the limits of liability you have or should you look into a personal umbrella policy? Want an extra $1,000,000 of coverage for about $0.30/day? This is the most bang-for-your buck policy available. We can help show you how it benefits you.

Go Seahawks!

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