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What Are Some Insurance Policies You Should Review For Spring And Summer?

By May 22, 2020March 11th, 2024Insurance

Home insurance, motorcycle coverage, boat policies, and more!

With more sunny weather ahead of us, and the economy starting to open back up after the Coronavirus quarantine, the Pacific Northwest will soon be buzzing with all kinds outdoor activities from motorcycle rides to fishing. All that fun and bottled up energy makes it even more important to review your insurance policies. Are all your ducks in a row?

For instance, you might have suspended coverage on your motorcycle or boat since it rains so much in Everett, Lynnwood, Seattle, and surrounding cities outside of the spring and summer months. Before you are really itching to get out and about in that much-needed sunshine that this side of Washington doesn’t see for half the year, don’t forget to reinstate coverage! Cruising backroads and crabbing won’t be as fun if you get a ticket and/or can’t cover property damage in an accident. Also, on that note, if you put comp only on your vehicle while you were not working due to the COVID-19 shutdown, make sure you call your agent right away to get your coverage reinstated before you drive!

What Other Insurance Should You Review During Spring and Summer?

Farm insurance and property insurance are good policies to review before the change of seasons. Farming tends to be big during both spring and summer in Washington where there is a decent amount of farmland in numerous counties including Snohomish County and Grant County—tons of dairy farms, acres of apples for miles, endless berries, you name it! If you own a farm or have a business that relates to gardening/farming, you most likely have already reviewed your policies months ago, getting insurance for things like your crops or livestock. But, even if you do not have a farm, you might find the need to evaluate your situation and look into expanding coverage. After all, you might be in a damp area with hills and you want to ensure that the spring showers that bring May flowers do not flood and damage your home, garage, yard, workshop, etc.

Getting insurance for summer events is also good to ask your agent about when we start getting nicer weather here in the Pacific Northwest. With more sunshine typically comes more events like weddings. Due to the Coronavirus shutdown, this summer is a little different than others since a lot of events like concerts have been canceled. But, the quarantine will hopefully not be an issue for future springs and summers, so having this information on hand now can help you out later on.

What else? Take a look at the infographic below for a handy list on some basic insurance to keep in mind after winter ends. You can download the infographic for future reference here. Print it out and share it with friends!

When Should You Contact Your Insurance Agent?

It is good to contact your agent to review and discuss any policies with the start of a new season, when you make significant changes/purchases, and/or if you have any questions. Talking to your agent and reviewing your policies allows the agent to reach out to the carrier with updated information to see what the specific requirements are for your circumstances, and what steps should be taken to protect you and your assets.

For Further Insurance Help:

To contact your Mosaic agent, view their direct phone number and email here. You can also call our main line at (425) 320-4280, or email our departments at (personal insurance), (business insurance), and (cannabis insurance).

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