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Snow, Ice, & Darkness—Are Your Cannabis Work Vehicles & Property Prepared?

By February 3, 2022March 11th, 2024Cannabis

Mosaic Insurance Alliance has cannabis culture know-hows, outside resources for cannabis businesses, & tips for avoiding winter accidents

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Seasons change all the time, but one thing remains the same no matter what time of the year it is: there are opportunities waiting for your cannabis business alongside the risks that you can face. It is important to keep up with not only cannabis culture, but weather forecasts, recent local theft news, how businesses like yours are thriving, and more.

Below, you will find all kinds of resources that can help your marijuana company be prepared no matter what state you live in, or what type of cannabis business you have.

Ice + Snow = Not a Good Combo for Your Business

Blog - Man Dressed In Camo On A Ladder Cleaning Snow Off Roof

It is good to review your property insurance and commercial car insurance for your cannabis business multiple times a year. For example, when the season changes or drastic updates happen.

Additionally, we recommend that you look into ice and snow removal procedures and services ahead of time. That way, if a storm does happen, you have (1) a contact on speed dial who you know can help you if you need industrial removal, and (2) the supplies on hand ready to use (like snow shovels, salt, and sand).

For those of you in Washington, you remember the crazy winter wonderland we had in 2020 (and the year before that). It was almost impossible to find a snow shovel, and many businesses and homes were blanketed to the point of being inaccessible for days. 2021 and 2022 have also had decent amounts of snow in some areas, as well as high flood warnings.

We hear about all kinds of winter accidents. Below are some of the top stories cannabis insurance clients tell us about every year.

  • Clients/workers slipping in icy parking lots and injuring themselves.
  • Slip and fall injuries inside. (Wet shoes inside causing the floors to be slippery.)
  • Client/worker vehicles sliding in parking lots and hitting other cars and/or pedestrians.
  • Workers getting into car accidents in commercial vehicles.
  • Heavy snow accumulation causing roof collapse and other structural damages.
  • Heavy snow breaking outside items such as equipment.
  • Water damage from ice dams and/or pipes freezing and bursting.
  • Store floods after the ice and snow melts.
  • Damage/injuries from falling ice.

The Mosaic Cannabis Team can help you get the insurance that you need

As always, if you have any questions, or would like to explore your coverage options, we are just a phone call or email away! We also have a list of FAQs waiting for you.

Also, Don’t Forget—Wintertime Means More Darkness & Seclusion

Blog - Wintertime Means Darkness and Seclusion Graphic

With winter being half over in early February, we still have until late March before springtime starts. Criminals love to take advantage of this time of the year—i.e., darkness, seclusion, and the months proceeding the holidays after a lot of purchases are made.

As we know, business break-ins are no laughing matter. How can you protect yourself, your business, and the items you’ve worked hard for? In addition to getting stable cannabis business insurance, know what attracts criminals and the loss control steps you can take. Our blog post about recent cannabis business break-ins also talks about different insurance types and ballpark pricing.

How Can You Stay in the Cannabis Business Know-How?

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Follow Cannabis Magazines & Publications

There are tons if marijuana magazines and news platforms out there. Some common ones are Cannabis Now, Marijuana Business Magazine, Ganjapreneur, HempGrower, Cannabis Business Times, The Green Leaf CPA, and High Times.

These types of publications share all kinds of content from cannabis business features to legalization news, current crimes, and plant growing tips.

There are a lot of podcasts out there designed for cannabis companies these days. Some popular ones include The Business of Kush, The Dude Grows Show, Weed + Grub, Green Entrepreneur, and Let’s Talk Hemp and The 422. You can see some more here.

Keep in touch with your local news stations and government cannabis channels

Local news stations can help provide information that pertains to your business’ safety, such as recent thefts in the area, popular media outlets, new trends, etc.

Following local news platforms via various outlets will help you get a variety of information—follow them on social media, join their newsletters, listen to the radio, watch the news on TV, etc.

Each state has at least one governmental resource for getting important marijuana business information. For example, here is Montana’s.

We Are Here Whenever You Need Us

If you ever have any content topics you would like us to cover, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can contact our Marketing Manager, Meagan Baron.

For cannabis insurance questions, quotes, and other guidance, reach out to Steve Boone, our Cannabis Program Director. If you are already a Mosaic Insurance client, you can find your Mosaic agent here.

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