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Mosaic Client, Heylo, Gets More Out of Life Each Day Through Her Cannabis Business

By July 16, 2021Cannabis

“We are confident in who we are as Heylo and why we are here—to improve the lives of our community”

Blog - Mosaic Client, Heylo, Gets More Out of Life Each Day Through Her Cannabis Business

Set out to be a “cannabis company for life,” Washington cannabis processor, Heylo, made it their mission from the very beginning to always craft product from “the highest-quality bud in Washington state—no trim or sugar leaf.”

Determination for top quality all started with a background in cannabis and extraction sciences from Heylo founder and owner, Lo Friesen. Being an environmental chemist who consulted designs for leading equipment in the cannabis industry, including CO2 extraction systems, Lo is not only a cannabis entrepreneur, but also a unique business owner who knows the nitty-gritty of how her machines operate.

Hard Work Pays Off

Heylo is a i502 cannabis extracts processor located in Seattle, WA that launched in 2017. Mosaic Insurance has had the pleasure of working with Lo since 2016, first helping her get insurance for her other company, Heylo Create, a consulting business that was founded in 2016. After her cannabis extracts company took off, we were right there, ready to provide her with additional coverage as she expanded farther into the cannabis world. Watching her open another business and grow both over the years has been a true pleasure. We are always excited to see her new advances, and we cannot wait to hear about what she does next!

And, Mosaic is not the only one who has noticed Lo’s hard work. Only a year after launching, Heylo was named Best Overall Company and Best CBD Product by Leafly. Current day is no different—back in February of 2021, MJ Brand Insights deemed Heylo as one of the top 10 Hottest Brands in Washington. Heylo has been mentioned by others over the years as well, including Marijuana Venture Magazine, Ganjapreneur, Cannter, AskGrowers, The High Guide, and various other feature writers about women business owners.

“Heylo exists to help anyone get more out of life with cannabis,” says Lo. “Our values are education and transparency. So, you’ll find our cannabis vapes and topicals are always paired with a lot of information about cannabis. This way, consumers can make the best choices and find the right products for them. We are confident in who we are as Heylo and why we are here—to improve the lives of our community. Our website is full of cannabis education paired with Spotify playlists for every product, coloring sheets, and more. Let Heylo show you all the ways cannabis can positively impact your life!”

Products That Help Clients “Get More Out of Life”

When it comes to creating product, Heylo sets out to produce items with rare terpenes, minor cannabinoids, and unique chemistry. Their whole-bud, full-spectrum cannabis extracts are curated by their team of professionals with the utmost care. You can see where you can get their products on their cannabis store map here.

Heylo sells a variety of products, including:

What Else Sets Heylo Apart?

Heylo makes big efforts in spreading knowledge about marijuana and the cannabis craft.

  • Their website is full of resources regarding their products and the marijuana plant. You can find examples of in-depth research here.
  • As previously mentioned, in addition to creating her own company products, Lo is a consultant for other companies, helping them with extracting, processing, and development.

They aim to be as economically friendly as possible. In addition to 100% recyclable product boxes, Heylo takes extra measures to lower their carbon footprint and decrease their waste.

There are all kinds of fun activities for the public, such as:

Want to Stay in Touch?

Heylo is a great Washington cannabis company to keep in your social circle.

Thank you so much, Lo, for sharing your cannabis business with our readers! We are so happy to have you on the Mosaic team. By the way, we LOVE your website.

Are You a Mosaic Cannabis Insurance Client?

Let’s talk about your company and spread awareness about your products! To have your cannabis business featured, reach out to our Marketing Manager, Meagan Baron. We can spread awareness about you and your products in your own blog on our website here, as well as inside one of our monthly cannabis e-newsletters (past editions here), and through social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn).

Not a client yet? No problem! Mosaic can help you with a free cannabis insurance quote!

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