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How Can You Balence Cannabis?

By April 18, 2023March 11th, 2024Cannabis

“From the guys who brought you TSIGFY, the original CBD store in Las Vegas” discounts

Aaron and Mike have been Mosaic Insurance cannabis clients since 2019 with TSIGFY, and we look forward to helping them with their coverage needs for Balence Co.

Pictured Above: Co-owner and Co-Founder, Mike Cabarus, at the Fresh52 Farmer’s Market on Saturday, March 25, 2023. For recent videos and pictures of their booth displays, visit their Instagram and Facebook, or view this PDF.


Life is a balancing act of making time to relax, planning healthy options for you and your pets, keeping your anxiety in check, exploring new things, and so much more. Exactly how does one make time for some of those things, let alone all four of them…or more? One of our cannabis commercial clients likes to start by funneling natural products—both CBD and non-CBD—into the community pipeline so that their clients can tend to their “mind, body, and soul” all at the same time.

“There is much coming down in the pipeline,” said Mike in a recent interview with Mosaic Insurance’s Marketing Manager, Meagan Baron. “Balence Co. is a holistic store—a natural bath and body store. We specialize in full-spectrum CBD and hemp. We sell oils, creams, and things like that. The founders have been doing CBD manufacturing since the beginning of 2015. Very grassroots. Started at farmers markets in Las Vegas and doing various events like health conventions. Things are starting to pick back up after COVID, and we are ready to go to farmers markets as our new company.”

This Stuff Is Good for You

Nevada legalized recreational marijuana in November of 2016, regulated access to dispensaries in 2014, and legalized medical marijuana in 2000. So, how can a cannabis business in Nevada opening just a few months ago still be part of a grassroots movement? Well, as Mike said, they’ve been finetuning products for 8 years. Same game, new name.

While Balence Co. started up as a new company in 2023, the co-founders previously owned a company in the cannabis industry called This Stuff is Good for You (TSIGFY). TSIGFY was founded in 2015 as the original CBD store in Las Vegas, and officially closed in December 2022. Balence Co. is a transformed version of that company that Mike, and his partner Aaron Rodriguez, started together towards the beginning of the cannabis rise in the United States.

Aaron and Mike have been Mosaic Insurance cannabis clients since 2019 with TSIGFY, and we look forward to helping them with their coverage needs for Balence Co., continuing with them on their business journey and seeing all that they accomplish in future years. Both Aaron and Mike are thrilled for this new expansion, excitedly welcoming farmer’s markets, online retail, and various cannabis shops.

“I am excited about the fact that we can definitely control the quality of the products, making sure that every ingredient is there,” continued Mike. “Everyone else over the past 8 years since we’ve been doing this is excited about the new products that are coming out. That there is going to be more variety. We’ve got some new deodorants and bath and body products that are coming out. We also have some toothpaste and tons of other things that will be coming out. Take everything inside your home and just go completely natural. The use of hemp and CBD in a lot of this stuff is actually very applicable because CBD is good for the skin. It’s excellent for not only protecting it but it is also an excellent moisturizer. It is good for the hair and the scalp. It is excellent for thickening and strengthening hair. It has a lot of benefits.”

The benefits above can give someone a good, balanced feeling by creating overall comfort and boosting self-esteem. However, benefits go even deeper, naturally finding scientific solutions for pain.

We are known for our pain creams,” reflected Mike when asked about some of their top products. “One of the key ingredients in there is the juniper berry. That’s excellent for deep penetration, absorbing right into the nerves and it’s good for surgical pain relief. We also have our anxiety cream—that’s excellent for folks with anxiety attacks or panic attacks, or if they just need to steady their nerves as they go about their day. Also, lastly, our CBD oils—which are actually what we are really known for. We use full-spectrum CBD oils, manufacturing and producing it all here. We also have some of the strongest concentrations on the market and we use genuine full-spectrum—we test for all of the cannabinoids. We have some that are all the way up to 54,000 cannabinoids. We work with a lot of animals, including horses. Basically, it works for the whole family. We’ve had a lot of success stories in the last 8 years that we’ve been doing this.”

We started at the farmers markets back when no one knew what CBD was,” said Mike. “People told me all the time to stop selling drugs. I was out there trying to educate folks on its benefits. Now it is mainstream, and everybody is trying to get on it. The problem with today is that there are so many big companies that are trying to get into this without doing their proper research. With us, it is always about quality and applicability. We have been tested onto the markets with many, many different customers, so we’ve been able to work with a variety of hundreds of thousands of folks trying to get the right product and the right thing for these different categories of products. I think a lot of people are going to be excited once they try us out.”

Do you have interest in trying out Balence Co.’s variety of products, but you are not located in Nevada? You might still come across their product in a store near you. Their products are being sold across three different states—Nevada, California, and Utah (see store listings here). You can also go to their website and see if you can have products shipped to your door.

Also, if you don’t see something that you are super interested in at the moment, bookmark their page and follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop. They are just starting up and plan to be adding more products to their repertoire.

“Find Your Balence”

Balence Co. advertises their premium handcrafted cannabis products as a means to successfully find your balance in life through the use of various products, including hemp, skin care, supplements, and pet products.

“We have premium quality bath and body products. CBD oils and pain creams for excellent prices,” said Mike. “A lot of our lotions and hand creams are anti-aging. We go to places like the Women’s Expo in town. We are actually sponsoring it. It is one of the biggest events in town. We have different types of eye creams, anti-aging creams, and serums, as well as natural bath and body products for the whole family—shampoos, soaps, and bath bombs. The cannabis industry has changed a lot over the last 8 years. And, there is much to come. I am excited about the category of food, for instance. There’s CBD salt, CBD sugar, and things for baking—all kinds of things that can be used. It is very exciting.”

“We are going to be doing a lot of the farmers markets in town,” Mike continued. “We also do a lot of mom-and-pop shops in Vegas, and are in a few clinics. You can get our products at at least a dozen places here in town. We are also in a few other states, and we are in a lot of pet stores. We help a lot of pets. Our products are universal, so they can be used for both humans and pets. As a general rule, especially with CBD oils, it goes based on weight. Our CBD is safe for animals. It is hemp derived. We use full spectrum. It’s more of a balanced product, hence our company name. You can use it more readily, whether you use it for the day or at night. Although, we do carry some specific products that are more concentrated for different ailments, like for sleep, for instance, which is a very common one. We have various different types of products, and a lot of them are manufactured by us. We’re a local company, so a lot of our stuff is made here in town. Also, the farms we use are all right outside the city. So, it is all very much grassroots.”

For more details on their grassroots products, view the pictures and lists below!

(See the following pictures up-close, as well as other product pictures, in this PDF.)



How You Can Find Balence in 2023:

1. Discover Balence with Hemp


2. Find Balence for Skincare


3. Explore Balence Supplements


4. Obtain Balence for Your Pets

Who is Finding Balence?

A lot can happen in almost a decade, especially for a growing business in newer territory. Over the years in the booming marijuana industry, Aaron and Mike have met a lot of people and heard many stories. In fact, when asked about his favorite memory from working in the cannabis industry, Mike reflected on Balence’s target market as a whole, saying it is of all of the individuals who he has met along this business adventure, and will continue to meet.

“The amount of people I have seen come from bad conditions and then improve,” answered Mike. “For instance,” he continued, “I had a lady who used to come to the farmers market almost every day with a wheelchair. She started in the wheelchair with a cast on, to having a hard time walking around, to being able to walk around like it was never a thing. Just from using our products. She has been a client for the last 6 years, I think. And, she was stuck on all kinds of medications for years for something like a decade or two. And, that is common. And I am not the only one who has this story. Anyone in the cannabis industry has someone like this—you hear about it all over the place. And, that is because the science is there. There’s tons of science. It is just the matter of politics at this point.”

How Can You Stay in the Loop with New Products?

Mosaic Insurance looks forward to seeing Balence Co. grow their business and expand their products to the community.

1. Follow them on social media:


2. Contact them if you have a question:


3. Subscribe to their email newsletters! Scroll down to the bottom of their homepage for the form to sign up.

4. Are you in the Vegas area? Visit them at their booth! Here is their farmer’s market event calendar. Balence Co. will be attending Fresh52 Farmers’ and Artisan Markets this spring and summer.

5. Even if you’re not in the area, you might be able to get their products. In addition to Nevada, they sell their product in some California and Utah cannabis shops. See which shops!

6. You can also see if they are able to ship to your state with their online store here. (Just select in the top menu what item type you want—”hemp,” “skincare,” “supplements,” or “pet.”)

Best of luck to the Balence Co. Team on this new adventure! We look forward to helping you over the years with your cannabis business insurance needs. Enjoy your spring and summer events, as well as your new website!


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