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Carpet Cleaners Insurance | How Claims Work For Tough Stains

By October 13, 2013June 14th, 2021Insurance

Everyone has one. I know my carpet has many more than one. I’m talking about the ugly, try-to-cover-them-up-with-furniture spots on your carpet. My excuse is little kids and an old cat, Gypsy, who we finally had to put down to ease her pain and to save our carpets.

Why do We Know this?

As the administrator for the WA State Carpet Cleaners Insurance Program, we understand what creates a rock-solid policy just like carpet cleaners understand what it takes to clean carpets. At Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC, we have special permission from the WA OIC to provide this program through several top-tier insurance companies. And, just like your local carpet cleaner takes their job seriously, we take our special permission to provide Carpet Cleaning Insurance seriously, too. We consider it our mission to provide the best protection for this special class of business at the lowest prices allowed by the OIC. In order to tie the two businesses together, we feel we are here to remove the spots from your protection plan.

Critical Steps for Your Carpet…and Your Insurance

When dealing with spills or spots, acting quickly is paramount. A quick response to the accident on your carpet has a direct correlation to how successful the entire process goes. Similar to Carpet Cleaner Insurance, time is of the essence to make sure your policy is correct and you’re not over-paying.  It is too late after the accident takes place to make sure your policy does what you think it will do. With a spill on your carpet, acting quickly is your best defense against living with another spot on your carpet.

Now that we know to act quickly, what should be done. Most experts recommend collecting any solid materials with a dull knife or spoon. This is to avoid damaging any of the carpet fibers. As we review your current protection plan, we will take a large overview of your program to make sure we avoid cutting into a policy before it’s necessary. We want to discover the large gaps in your current Carpet Cleaners Insurance plan and take care of the big stuff first.

Next, it’s time to take a clean, dry towel and blot the spill to soak up liquid. It is also recommended to use a towel from of any dyes or chemicals to avoid those items leaching into your carpet. Brushing or scrubbing may permanently damage the carpet fibers and make the area stand out even if you get all the spill removed. Similar to our Carpet Cleaning Insurance Program, we carefully review your business to make sure you qualify for access to the Program.

Now is when we start to get after it. Working from the outside in, apply the cleaning agents to a clean towel, not directly to the carpet. A normal knee-jerk reaction to the spill is to over-apply a cleaning solution, which ends up damaging the backing of the carpet. When you know the right steps to take, keeping those unsightly spots from your carpet becomes easier and more efficient to handle. We see the experience and Program we offer, the Carpet Cleaner Insurance Program, to follow the same path.

What to do Now?

At Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC, we are specialists in Carpet Cleaners Insurance. If your a carpet cleaner looking for access to the Carpet Cleaning Insurance Program in Washington State, give us a call at 425.320.4280 or send us an email at And, if your a consumer looking for a carpet cleaner, we work with many high-quality businesses and would be happy to recommend.

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