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Boat Insurance, Classic Car Coverage, Motorcycle Policies, and More!

By May 31, 2022March 11th, 2024Insurance, Personal Insurance

Playtime will get here sooner than you think…Is your insurance ready for summer?

Blog Post - Playtime will Get Here Sooner Than You Think Text with Images of Different Events, Vehicles, and Pools that need to be Insured this Summer

Nicer weather is getting easier to come by. Once that sunshine is out full swing, you are going to be mighty tempted to hop on your motorcycle, boat, jet skis, quads, dirt bikes, and other summer toys. The pool, trampoline, classic car, and RV are also going to be whispering to you. Road trips will be on the top of your mind like cocoa on a chilly day in December. Get your insurance now so that you can play sooner. Your favorite Mosaic agent is waiting for your call!

Just a Few Summer Items That Mosaic Can Help You Get Insurance For:

Do you have a summer item not listed? We still might be able to help. Call us!

Blog Post - Carrier Logos Over an Image of a Woman Enjoying a Car Ride on a Nice Day


And It Is Not All About the Traditional Toys Either

There are plenty of “toys” at businesses that you might want to get updated insurance on. Some examples:

Blog Post - Carrier Logos Over an Image of a Construction Site with a Large Construction Vehicle


Weddings Happen More in The Summertime

They are probably also a lot more expensive than most summer playthings.

Did you know that you can get insurance for single events? It’s no secret that big events like weddings can be a battle between joy and the stress of worrying about what might go wrong, such as…

  • Postponement due to something like illness or venue closes. (Ask us about cancellation coverage!)
  • Damages to items like food, clothes, rings, etc.
  • Vendors/suppliers not meeting obligations, not showing up at all, or going bankrupt. (DJs, caterers, etc.)
  • Someone gets hurt at the event.

Special events can be especially expensive. Insurance helps bring security to that special day. Afterall, your agent knows the requirements and restrictions of various carriers, can tailor coverage to fit your specific needs, and can answer your questions. In other words, your agent is ready to give you some peace of mind with special event insurance! In addition to contacting one of our independent insurance agents directly (or calling our main number), you can fill out a quote form here on the website.

Blog Post - Carrier Logos Over an Image of Pink Bouquettes of Flowers on Tables at a Wedding Venu



We LOVE questions! (As you can see by our FAQ page.) If you have anything to ask us, we are all ears. Reach out, and we will see what we can do for you. Also, if you are interested in seeing some of our other insurance carriers after seeing the above pictures, hop on over here.

Talk to you soon!

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