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By November 23, 2020July 8th, 2021Insurance

Mosaic Insurance in Lynnwood, WA looks forward to another decade selling personal & business insurance

Flashback to November 1, 2010: Two teammates opened their own independent insurance agency in Lynnwood, Washington, leaving the single-carrier lifestyle behind! With this customizable approach, the two Mosaic Insurance Alliance founders, Amy Drewel and Paul Pukis, expanded on their vision of making more options available to fit the needs of all kinds of people.

Jumping to current day: Mosaic now operates in 9 states, offers more than 38 insurance carriers, has 48 employees, and offers more than 101 different coverage options for people like you to protect what matters most to them, whether it be for their personal life and/or business.

Mosaic couldn’t have done it without you, so happy anniversary month to each of us! Stronger…Together still holds true. Lots of smiles, a fair amount of growth pains, endless experiences, and so much more has made us super excited for the next decade—it’s amazing what can happen in 10 years! And, when it comes to the last ten years for Mosaic, what things are remembered? Read the inside scoop from Amy and Paul below.



This month marks 10 years since I left the “corporate/captive insurance world” and ventured out to the independent insurance business owner realm. Mosaic Insurance is officially TEN YEARS OLD! I have learned so much over the years, but here are the things that stick in my mind, heart, and soul:

  • I have made mistakes, but I have also made milestones. I have learned from all my stumbles–picked myself up, learned my lesson and moved on. I have also tried to be humble in my victories, reached for hands that were there to pull me up, and lent my hand to those that needed it.
  • I am proud of the team at Mosaic. Without this team, I would not be celebrating 10 years. COVID-19 has been difficult because I miss seeing their smiles. I truly loved coming into the office daily and spending time with them. I am proud of my business partner. We might be exact opposites–but he does what I hate to do, and I love to do what he hates…the perfect business match.
  • I am so thankful for the mentors that I have had and still have in the industry. I hope that I am just half the guiding light that they have been to me. I am surrounded by thoughtful, supporting, and ethical people that understand relationships are far more important than “getting the deal.”
  • My passion is not insurance, it has always been hiring good teams and developing individuals. I have had the most fun doing this over the past 10 years. I have tried my best to support all team members in their individual goals–personal and professional. I have seen team members go through marriages, divorces, graduations, births, grandbaby births, deaths, health struggles…team members are not just “employees,” I consider them family. My passion will not ever change, and I am so thankful that Mosaic Insurance allows me to “live my dream.”
  • I am so thankful for the community. A community that embraced me and Mosaic. A community that allows me to sit on boards that develop plans for future economic growth and non-profits that allow me to use my voice for their cause.
  • I am thankful for all the people I have met along the way. Our community has some amazing business owners, ambassadors, public and private “workers” – I have made so many amazing friendships along the way. My life is enriched by all of them!
  • I am so thankful for my friends that supported me along the way. The friends that understood when I started Mosaic why I did not return calls for weeks and would drive to my house to just make sure I was okay. My friends who put up with my craziness and spur of the moment “I need a happy hour.” I am blessed by some amazing people in my life and for that I am forever grateful.
  • Most of all I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for TEAM DREWEL. With them in my corner, I never worried that I would fail. When I am weak, they give me strength. When I am discouraged, they give me hope. When I am down, they give me encouragement…and a kick in the butt. When I achieve an accomplishment, we celebrate. For those that know my family, you know that I cannot say enough about TEAM DREWEL…they are my pilar and light through this crazy life.


So, for those of you that have lived the above with me…THANK YOU! Cheers to 10 years!



Time flies when our kids grow before our eyes. The same is true with my other baby, Mosaic Insurance Alliance. The only way I was able to confirm it has been 10 years was to look back at the calendar, because it sure doesn’t seem like 10 years since we created Mosaic. While working hard as any entrepreneur does with a new business, there have been ups and downs. We started with a huge splash and kept the peddle down for as long as we could. We’ve welcomed new faces to the Mosaic team and said goodbye to friends who moved on to begin other chapters in their lives. In the middle of our 10-year journey, an old relative came calling. Uncle Sam requested my presence as a member of the US Coast Guard in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

As I’ve told others in the past, the people military members leave behind when deployed have the toughest time during deployment. In this case, my business partner, Amy, needed to hold down the fort for a year while I took a year-long vacation of scuba diving, sun bathing, and all-you-can-eat meals at one of the nicest dining facilities anywhere! The entire team at Mosaic did a phenomenal job while I was gone. There are great people at the agency, so it was no surprise. I’m looking forward to another 10 great years without any disruption by that demanding Uncle Sam!


Wow. A lot has happened. And, we have the pictures to prove it!

Our little “10” mosaic pictured here is just a small glimpse at the Mosaic family memories that we have shared over the years. We truly enjoy helping each of you. Our team of independent agents have been in your shoes, and they will use that experience and their professional knowledge to continue to help find you the best next steps to take! Cheers to another decade meeting and helping people like you!

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